Лаўрэш Леанід, Круцікаў Уладзімір, Ліда на старых малюнках, паштоўках, фотаздымках

Ліда на старых малюнках, паштоўках, фотаздымках

Лаўрэш Леанід, Круцікаў Уладзімір

Publication Place: Ліда

Publication Date: 2001

Category: History; Culture; Tourism; Memoirs

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Book Collection: KAMUNIKAT — this site (online version); EEDC — the library of the East European Democratic Centre, ul. Nowy Świat 23/25 m. 30, Warszawa (hardcopy)

Copy Numbers: EEDC — [803]

Call Number: VIII.2.LAU

The magic power of photographic art! It easily takes us back to the past, enables us to witness the life of ancestors and experience strong emotions. Local history researchers Leanid Lyauresh and Uladzimir Krutsikau have done a unique job – they collected more than 100 images of Lida on old drawings, post stamps and photographs to show the city's contemporary residents, those who have roots in the area and all who love the Motherland what the place looked like in various periods. The book consists of 22 chapters; two being dedicated to the city's history and architecture. The chapter entitled "History of the City" is a timeline covering the period from its foundation to the late 1930s. The richly researched description of history is illustrated by works created by Orda, Drazdovich, Peshka and Kulesha, as well as archival photographs. The reader can visualize the Lida Castle, Farny and Josef Churches, Vilenskaya and Kamenskaya Streets, the market place and market plaza, the bridge, the train station and other places of interest painted or photographed by well-known and little-known artists of the late 19th and early 20th century. The book features 18th-century and 1939 maps of Lida.

Belarusian Authors: Лаўрэш Леанід

Catalog: Kamunikat.org | EEDC

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