Centers for pluralism

Centers for pluralism 27/2002


The idea of general civic education is inseparably connected to the idea of democracy. Already in ancient Athens, it was assumed that every citizen should actively and fully participate in the governance of the country. Thomas Jefferson’s statement above points directly to the need to introduce various... More »

Centers for pluralism 26/2002


17 November 2001 was a historic date for the citizens of Kosova. For the first time, they participated in free parliamentary elections, choosing from among 18 political parties, three coalitions, one civic initiative, and three independent candidates running for 100 of 120 seats in the Kosova Assembly.... More »

Centers for pluralism 10/1996


What is the "Newsletter”? The Newsletter is a quarterly compendium of information about activities conducted in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union by Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in an area generally called "civic education." What is civic education? This term has... More »

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